Knockout Kings – A UFC 3-For-All game on Monkey Knife Fight

There's a new way to win big on Monkey Knife Fight... Just pick three fighters in a $5+ Knockout Kings contest. If each gets a KO or TKO, you get a piece of the prize pool. 

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Prize Pool on September 18th*
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How to Play

*Play a $5+ Knockout Kings contest for matches scheduled for September 18, 2021 to be eligible for the $2,500 prize pool. In order to be deemed a winning entry, each of the three fighters selected in a single Knockout Kings contest must win by either KO or TKO (knockout or technical knockout). Each day’s prize pool will be split evenly between all entrants with winning contest entries. Entrants with multiple winning entries will receive a share for each winning entry. Prize will be awarded in MKF Dollars. MKF Dollars are usable for contest entry on Monkey Knife Fight. MKF Dollars have no cash value, are not eligible for withdrawal, are not transferable, and may be reclaimed by MKF if they go unused for a period of more than one (1) month. MKF Dollars will be invalidated across all accounts if a user opens more than one account.